NEI Attends CISILE 2018

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CISILE 2018, the 17th annual China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, was held April 23-26 in Beijing and drew visitors from around the world. 603 exhibitors attended from more than 27 countries to demonstrate their latest technologies and scientific instruments.


This was the first year that Nanova Environmental attended CISILE. While there, we exhibited a wide range of our own products as well as those of our business partners such as the DV3000 real time air monitoring instrument and SATIR thermo imaging products. We demonstrated our NovaTest P100 gas chromatograph as an analytical and rapid detection instrument, used to detect and monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Thanks to its user-friendly design, the P100 is a device not just for laboratory use, but also for use in a variety of industries and environments.  The small size and automated sampling ability of the P100 allows it to be used for on-site testing, thus eliminating the need to use additional equipment to collect samples and the risk of sample loss during transportation. The P100 is designed to be portable without sacrificing sensitivity and has detection limits that reach sub-ppb. In addition, the P100 does not require any previous experience with gas chromatographs to operate. The user-friendly interface includes a built-in testing method that does not require any additional parameters, inputs, or calculations.  In just minutes, the P100 can sample the surrounding air and generate results. These features make the P100 an excellent choice for the rapid detection of even trace amounts of VOCs at any site.


Overall, there was much interest expressed in the P100, and we received very positive feedback. The team at NEI is dedicated to continually improving our technology to provide high-quality services and solutions. The exhibition was a valuable opportunity to meet other professionals and witness the newest innovations in scientific instruments.