We Attended IEEXPO

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For the second year, NEI attended the IE Expo in Shanghai. Held May 3-5, this conference is Asia’s leading environmental show, and abundant new technologies and ideas were displayed. With over 66,000 visitors from countries all over the globe in attendance, this conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet other professionals and potential business partners.


During the conference, we exhibited a wide range of products including our patented NovaTest P100 portable gas chromatograph, as well as the DV3000 real time air monitoring instrument and SATIR thermo imaging products by our business partners. It is worth mentioning that the P100 again showed its potential as a method for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be dangerous to human health and harmful to the environment. It is an innovative rendition of the traditional stationary bench-top gas chromatograph, reducing the size to that of a small backpack and the sampling time to just a matter of minutes while still maintaining high accuracy and sub-ppb detection limits of most compounds. These innovations, along with automated sampling and analytical software, make it possible to conduct real-time on-site tests and view results without the need to collect and transport samples or perform additional calculations. With its small, portable size and high sensitivity, the P100 generated interest in visitors from a range of industries as an easy, rapid, reliable way to monitor VOCs.


NEI consists of a unique team of highly educated people with the mission of providing superior products and services to the globe and creating a “Better life through innovation.” We value the opportunity to attend such an important conference and to meet with others working to provide environmental solutions, and we hope to see both new and returning visitors at the IE Expo next year.